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State Signs Off on Selig Development

A state planning agency has recommended that Athens-Clarke County approve plans for Selig Enterprises’ mixed-use development between Oconee and East Broad streets.

The Northeast Georgia Regional Commission said Wednesday that the Selig development is “in the best interests of the region and therefore the state.” It’s only an advisory opinion—the ACC Commission will make the final decision after the county planning commission gives its recommendation—but a thumbs-down would have strengthened the hand the of the development’s critics.

The regional commission made its recommendation based on information about the development’s size, jobs created, traffic, water use and trash generated. According to Selig’s filings, the development will cost $80 million to build, generate $3 million in annual tax revenue, use 104,976 gallons of water and sewer capacity a day, generate 2,800 tons of trash a year and attract 5,866 car trips a day, 

The Atlanta developer said ACC has the water, sewer and landfill capacity to serve the development. To deal with traffic, Selig plans to add a light at the entrance to the development off Oconee Street, as well as a left-turn lane for cars coming from downtown.

Selig is expected to file plans with the ACC Planning Department this month for consideration at the March 7 planning commission meeting. The development will require a code variance to build apartments, rather than commercial space, on the first floor of a building facing the greenway.