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Help Stacey-Marie

A friend of Stacey-Marie Piotrowski—the Athens artist who was hit by a car riding her bike last Wednesday—is raising money to help with her medical bills.

Piotrowski, 28, was riding on Talmadge Drive at 10:30 p.m. Matthew Bryan Andrews, who was driving his pickup truck in the opposite direction after drinking several beers downtown, turned onto Willow Run, where he lives, and hit her, according to Athens-Clarke police. She hit the windshield, suffering a broken leg, a broken kneecap, a concussion and other injuries, the Athens Banner-Herald reports, and is being treated at Athens Regional Medical Center.

Piotrowski is uninsured, has no savings and will be out of work for several weeks while she recovers, says her friend Serra Ferguson. Ferguson has set up a website at to collect donations for Piotrowski’s medical bills. She’s also trying to find a nonprofit that will donate a car to Piotrowski, since it’ll be awhile before she’s able to ride a bike again, and that’s been her only mode of transportation.

A lot of Flagpole readers probably know Piotrowski through the local DIY arts and music scene. The Pittsburgh native has a BFA in photography from the University of Georgia. You can see her artwork, zines, crafts and photos at her website. She also plays in the band Whiskey Sunrise.