November 28, 2012

National Anthem


Lineup: Nicholas Simmons, Jace Bartet, Allen Owens, Brent Blalock, Tim Payne. Featuring Members Of: Marriage, 'Powers, Pride Parade, The Spinoffs, Reptar, Bit Brigade, 300 Cobras. Influences: Thin Lizzy, Queen, NWOBHM, Nintendo Entertainment System soundtracks.

"Brent and I really pined for a metal-tinged band with a lot of energy and major-key guitar harmonies [and] a singer carrying some melody—so, sort of like the German power metal of old but not as goofy, and no double kick drum," says National Anthem guitarist Jace Bartet.

Bartet, of course, is no stranger to musical energy, having spent serious headbanging and hair-twirling time in groups like 300 Cobras and, more recently, as Reptar's axe-wielding hype man. With guitarist Allen Owens, National Anthem's six-string corps is a guitarmonizing beast. Meanwhile, unassuming frontman Nick Simmons boasts the sort of virtuosic classic rock pipes a sad, fat, modern-day Axl Rose might even give up jelly doughnuts for.

"Brent suggested Allen, Allen knew Tim, and I met Nick because I served him pizza a lot and noticed his smooth voice," Bartet says of the group's formation. "We auditioned Nick on Queen's 'Don't Stop Me Now' and the 'Gummi Bears' theme song." However the band came together, let's just be glad that it did. Check

Next Show: Monday, Dec. 31 @ Caledonia Lounge