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New Tunes from Shehehe, And More Music News and Gossip

Shehehe. Credit: Jason Thrasher.

KIDS THESE DAYS: Although they just released the snappy new number “Love Wins” in May, rockers Shehehe dropped another new single late last week. It’s a short, sharp, shock of a tune named “Get On My Lawn.” Reportedly, the song is about “embracing and welcoming the fresh energy and vibe of the next generations of folks, doin’ their thing, gettin’ wild, havin’ fun. Being there, participating, but not necessarily bein’ all up in there. Performing your art, whatever that may be, then hangin’ out with a big smile on your face, happily watching the party continue.” And it may indeed be exactly about that, but I can barely understand any of the actual lyrics except for the chorus. It does, however, rock with a purpose for exactly two minutes. If you’ve dug Shehehe in the past, you will dig this as well. Both of the new tracks will be included on Namedroppers, a new album coming out Aug. 23 via Say-10 Records. For more information, please see and find the song on or Spotify.

THE PUPS ARE DIGGIN’ IT: Fact is, Georgia summers are just too hot, and no one feels this more than our pets when they’re outside. Think you’re hot? Try a Georgia summer wearing a full fur coat! The folks at The Foundry and Athens Area Humane Society have set a few dates for you to cool off with your best pal(s). Specifically, the dates are June 28 and July 5 from 6–8 p.m. These are the last two dates of the venue’s “Dog Days of Summer” series presented by Bad Dog Entertainment. Live music will be performed by Nickalous Benson on June 28 and TJ Wayt on July 5. The event takes place on The Foundry’s terrace. A portion of proceeds from food and drink sales will benefit the Humane Society. For more information, please see

THE DEVIL WENT DOWN TO GEORGIA: Gene Woolfolk (T. Hardy Morris, The Powder Room, Dream Tent) just released a massive, eight-minute track named “Where The Devil Led Me / I Feel Nothing” under the new project name Hot Sherlock. OK, people, let me tell you this is as alt-rock a sound as you were ever likely to get out of our man Woolfolk. Seriously, this thing still uses a 1996 calendar (which is, coincidentally, identical to that of 2024) that it picked up after rocking the vote at MTV’s Spring Break. Gene’s going to absolutely hate me for saying some of this, but this track has elements of Tool, Korn and a lot of other groups of similar ilk. However, it also has a lot going on underneath the surface, and the synth that kicks in right around the 2:35 mark is pretty swell. Woolfolk created this in tribute to two friends and collaborators: Derek Olivera, who died in 2021, and Ryan Rulon, who died in 2023. Find this at 

AND ANOTHER ONE!: Continuing the cavalcade of Athens hits this week, Drew Beskin & The Sunshine have a new single out this week named “Long List of Demands.” This one is less immediately hooky than some of the group’s previous singles, but it’s just as tuneful and, in parts, really rises to the occasion. Just before the mid-point there’s a short doo wop-styled musical breakdown before launching into a Beatles-worthy mid-section. This is one of those songs that sounds like a deep album track. You know, the kind you skip over for a while and then let it play once and never skip it again. For more information, please see and find this at

PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC: Since the possibility of seeing them again in Athens any time soon is fleeting at the very best, Athens-area Spread Heads should be at least a little edified that Machine Funk: A Tribute To Widespread Panic will play Southern Brewing Company Saturday, June 29. The Florence, SC group has 17 years under its belt and has worked a lot with specific Panic members in the past including the late Todd Nance and JoJo Hermann. Get ready to tuck in, too, as these guys know over 150 Panic songs (and associated covers), so chances are good you’ll be there awhile. Advance tickets are $12 plus fees and what not and $15 day of show at the gate. Get advance tickets via (this URL is case sensitive! So plug it in right.) For more information, please see

ROUND AND ROUND: While it’s not like they ever declared an Eagles-style “when hell freezes over” scenario or anything, the members of R.E.M. have reliably placed a soft kibosh on any reunions ever since the group’s split in 2011. And then, seemingly just like that, the original four members—Berry, Buck, Mills and Stipe—performed a one-song reunion (“Losing My Religion”) following the group’s induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame on Thursday, June 13. The members of R.E.M. have said this isn’t to happen again. Which I believe, but it also sounds familiar. Keep up with all things via