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Cough Buttons’ Bell Rock Mind Trust

Bell Rock Mind Trust by Cough Buttons

LIFE IS PEACHY: Athens-via-Gainesville artist and member of the JOKERJOKERtv crew Bryant Perez has mostly spent his time musically developing as a hip-hop artist. Several months ago, though, he recorded a nu metal track named “Warning,” and the zombie-themed video for it debuted last week. Perez reports that it was his biggest ensemble production ever, including a cast of tens, professional makeup artists, some rented pro equipment, etc. The track itself is viciously short and clocks in at a mere 1:17. It also doesn’t even really kick in until the 31-second mark, so what you’ve got here is a solid 46 seconds of bass-heavy metal that certainly owes some debt to nu metal, but not all of it. Find this on major streaming services, and for more information, please see

SOMETHING WONDERFUL: Jazz-pop vocalist Marty Winkler will play a full-band show billed as Marty Winkler & Friends Blues and Greens Concert on Sunday, June 23 at Foxglove Plantbar (1063 Baxter St.). For this performance she’ll be joined by Mark Plemmons (piano), Brian Smith (guitar), Sam Webber (drums), Mike Merva (bass), and Lisa Cesnik Ferguson and Maggie Mason Hunter (vocals). A couple of songs will feature Ivan Strunin (violin) and Joe Mauldin (harmonica). Winkler will perform some new songs at this show from her upcoming album Only to Borrow. The show starts at 4 p.m., and there is a suggested donation of $10. For more information, please see You can find her music on Spotify, Apple Music and

YOU STAY CLASSY, ATHENS: The Performing Arts Center at UGA will begin accepting new subscriber purchases for the full 2024–2025 season on Wednesday, June 26. Individual tickets for specific performances go on sale Aug. 1 with group ticket sales reservations starting a few weeks earlier on July 8. Yet again, the PAC has put together a stunner of a season. It’s impossible to highlight everything in this space, but specific performances of note include Los Angeles Guitar Quartet (Sept. 22), Marc-André Hamelin on piano (Oct. 15), Canadian Brass “Making Spirits Bright” (Dec. 3), A Winter Gathering with Kathy Mattea performing “Good News and Other Favorites” (Dec. 11), Vienna Boys Choir’s “Christmas in Vienna” (Dec. 18),  Atlanta Symphony Orchestra performing Handel’s Messiah (Dec. 21), Step Afrika! (Jan. 24) and the New York Philharmonic String Quartet (Feb. 16). And, honestly, that’s a small selection of what they’ve got planned. For more information, please see

DO THAT TO ME ONE MORE TIME: Partydead just clocked in with a second EP in a month. This new two-track doozy is named Safe Home. The entirety of “nice guy,” except for the final minute, sounds like a voicemail recording of a pocket-dialed call that captured the sounds of a man sleeping while an oompah band marched repeatedly past his window. There are several “movements,” if you will, to the second track “home ok.” Everything essentially centers on an acoustic guitar but not one with any recognizable tradition. It moves through darkness and light but treats each equally. Find this at

BIG SCIENCE: Brigette A. Herron and Jesse Stinard, both of Tunabunny, released an album from their project Cough Buttons. It’s titled Bell Rock Mind Trust, and it’s experimental with a particular pop sensibility that we used to call the acceptable side of the unacceptable. There are a few different personalities here, from the indie pop of opener “Had My Way” to the minimal synth three-peat of the title track “How Did It Get So Old?” and “No Air Nowhere.” The rest of the album includes a pack of Sonic Youth-inspired tuneful noise dirges and a finishing lineup of fairly whimsical tunes except for the album closing drone of “Strange Creatures From Time And Space.” All in all, not bad. Find this at

CYBERPUNKS ARE GO!: The debut release from the Al Daglis (Shade, McQQeen, et al) solo project Rauncher is out now. It’s a two-song electro blast named Delete Yourself, a title it shares, not uncoincidentally, with Atari Teenage Riot who named its 1995 debut album the exact same thing. The title track is a bass heavy near-deep house number while the second, “Donkin Donuts,” is a glitchy digital hardcore piece sure to please or annoy, and for me it was the former. Find this at