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Jack & Jealous’ Debut Album, And More Music News and Gossip

Jack & Jealous

THRASH ZONE: Athens’ bridge between the worlds of hardcore and thrash, Weaponized Flesh, is releasing its 2022 EP Hurtful on 10-inch vinyl. A release show was originally scheduled for this week but got canceled. Word is, another one is in the works as we speak. Back when this was originally released, I said “this is a five-song punch in the face,” which is an estimation I stand by. Check local stores for this, and keep your fingers crossed that they’ll make it available over at If you need anything else, just bug these guys via

READY FOR THE WORLD: New band/project KIT was formed when new-to-Athens folks Catt Malonius and Mitchell Cassaday started playing with Jeff Webber (Nicholas Mallis & the Borealis) and Cameron Kelly (Hunger Anthem). So far, the group has produced one very polished, very slick single named “It’s Over,” coming out June 14. The whole song is very reminiscent of the kind of early 1980s light funk that crossed both pop and R&B radio at the time, like a blend of Spandau Ballet, Haircut 100 and KC and the Sunshine Band, none of which would ever be tagged with the “funk” moniker, but who each borrowed enough to speak the language a little bit. Find this on Spotify, where the band has a couple of other songs for you to check out, too. For more information, please see 

ATHENS CALLING: Reliable and sturdy punk-rock machine Beat Up has a new single out now named “Never Again?” and the band is hoping you’ll throw a few bucks down for it. While you can certainly stream it for free all the livelong day, the release is specifically meant as a benefit to provide eSim cards to families in Gaza. The tune itself is catchy enough and reminds me a little bit, oddly enough, of The Clash’s “Clampdown,” but that’s likely just in terms of rhythm. Either way, head to to check this out, and for more information, please see

CHOPPIN’ ONIONS: Man, the boys in Wieuca weren’t kidding when they told me that the band’s new album has “a new heavier/emo-influenced sound.” Well, it’s named Truth Management, it comes out on Tuesday, June 18, and it does indeed. That said, the band has been part of what I’ve been calling the “new guitar underground,” and there’s definitely a few songs in its past that show at least faint lines illustrating this trajectory. Even so, I guarantee you no one is expecting the heavy and anthemic “Are You There God? It’s Me, Wieuca,” but that song does a fine job setting up the rest of the album. I have a particular appreciation for the bass rhythm on “Chain Link,” as I do for the bass in “Brain Sucks.” Honestly, this whole record was a nice surprise—with an utterly fantastic title—as I was a little apprehensive when reading that description from the band itself. This has a foot in good ‘ol classic indie rock, too, albeit a little heavier. Probably could done without the Zeppelin-rap of “Yard Fulla Cops” but, you know, “into each life…”  Find this at, and follow along at

FAMILY AFFAIR: Brothers Ian and Isaac White are the basis for band Jack & Jealous. The pair have played together for many years, but coalesced as Jack & Jealous in 2021. Anyway, they just released a 10-song, self-titled debut album. While at first it appears to be largely acoustic-based, honestly, it’s hard to tell; sometimes that base is nearly imperceptible as this whole thing is a big pop project. And it largely succeeds, too. After starting off with the huge, arena anthem of “Heads Up,” the record begins delivering earnestly on the third song, “Dust.” Musically, it’s a riff-rocker right out of the late 1980s, but it’s catchy, lyrically poignant and somewhat moving, too. Other specific highlights here are the Replacements-ish “I Can See It,” the earnest but meandering “Having A Friend” and a very sweet version of “Danny Boy.” Find this on Spotify and keep up with these dudes via and

CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE: The Clarke County School District has something to celebrate, as it has now received, for the 12th year in a row, the designation one of the Best Communities for Music Education. This was awarded by the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) Foundation. For more information, please see and