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Tim Foley’s Indie Pop Joy, And More Music News and Gossip

Tim Foley & The Moths

GARDEN OF EARTHLY DELIGHTS: Tim Foley (Bosco, Super Carnival Recordings) has a new album out with his project Tim Foley & The Moths. It’s titled The Orbital Jump, and the whole thing is a really loose, freely flowing river of indie pop joy. Indeed, Foley has assembled a collection of some of the most positive lyrics to come out of Athens in a long time. Musically speaking, Foley and his band appear to make quick work of their songs, and the group’s relaxed, confident style makes it easy for them to put a distinct fingerprint on such XTC-ish tracks such as the title one. They perform this same sorcery on the Elvis Costello/Nick Lowe-esque “Sun & Rain,” which has one very clear vocal nod to “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love, And Understanding.” Overall, it all sounds like your friend’s first band you were so excited at one time to share with the world. Remember how cool that was? Find this at

HI, HOW ARE YOU?: Antlered Auntlord has a new split release with Chattanooga’s Mythical Motors, and this jam packed, self-titled 20-song release comes courtesy of HHBTM Records. The 10 tracks contributed from Antlered Auntlord traffic expectedly in the slippery group’s power pop/demo culture aesthetic of relatively low fidelity recording. Honestly, though, this sounds as good as anything else I’ve heard recently. There’s a nice slice of grunge-era swagger that runs throughout “Front of Communion,” too, which is a nice touch. In other news, the band’s demo recordings made in preparation for performing as Daniel Johnston’s backing band during the 2016 Athens PopFest—a show that never happened due to Johnston’s canceling—is also now released. Reasonably titled Daniel Johnston Covers, the 15-song collection features some well known “hits,” if you will, including “Walking The Cow,” “Speeding Motorcycle” and “True Love Will Find You In the End.” For more info and music, please see and

OOH, BABY, BABY, IT’S A WILD WORLD: Andrew Prater (Pride Parade) has been kicking around the project Infinity Favors with his brother Nathan for about five years now, and the pair has a handful of EPs under their belt. Most recently, they’ve been joined by longtime Athens players Adam Hebert and Becky Brooks (Cars Can Be Blue) to flesh out the band’s live shows. Infinity Favors has a new EP release this month named Summer Of Love, and it runs five songs long. And within this short space, Infinity Favors opens up a pretty big section of rock and roll history. Namely, the part of the book that includes early ‘70s psych pop (“Love 2 B Alive”), Bluesy proto-metal (“Tender Situation”), and even some early 1970s Bob Dylan (“Breaking Up”). Find this and more of Infinity Favors at and on Spotify.

LEADER OF THE BAND: Guitarist Kevin Sweeney (Window Pane, Hayride, Dinosaur Jr.) is well known for his collaborative spirit and willingness (nay, eagerness) to rock out with nearly any group of like-minded folks across an array of rock and roll and associated subgenres. Currently, he’s been letting folks know about this new thing he’s got going on named Drug Ducks. See, I’ve not caught them yet, so I had to ask him about the band’s sound, and he just kept saying, “Covers, original, space jams and guitar solos.” Which is fine, and if you’re familiar with even the tiniest slice of his resume, then you know what to expect. For everyone else, just take the plunge. The group next plays live at Nowhere Bar Wednesday, Sept. 21. 

WHERE DID YOU COME FROM? WHERE DID YOU GO?: The 37th annual North Georgia Folk Festival happens Saturday, Sept. 24 at Sandy Creek Park. This event, presented by the Athens Folk Music and Dance Society, is the preeminent Athens gathering celebrating folk arts, music, craftsmanship and fellowship. This year’s festival features live music from Rebecca Sunshine Band, Ain’t Sisters & Danielle Howe, Bichos Vivos, Athens Mountain Singers, Hogeyed Man, Veronika Jackson, The Lucky Jones, MrJordanMrTonks, Cicada Rhythm, Tin Cup Prophette, Marion Montgomery and Glyn Denham, and Fester Hagood. At 4 p.m. this day there will be a special tribute to recently passed Art Rosenbaum who, among many other designations, was one of the founders of the North Georgia Folk Festival and contributed untold volumes of artwork for its benefit. As always, there will be food and arts vendors for your eating and shopping enjoyment. The event runs from 11 a.m.–9 p.m., and tickets are $15 for adults or $8 for kids. You can find more information by visiting