Threats & Promises

Manifesting with Goddess Complex, And More Music News and Gossip

THE AIR OUT HERE: It’s been an unconscionably long time since Goddess Complex appeared in this column. Last month, though, artist Cloud Powers—the creator behind Goddess Complex—released an incredibly tasty seven-track album named Manifesting. While each of these highly artsy tracks feature loops, electronic instrumentation and echo-laden vocals, Powers once again fakes out the close listener by way of what I would call a weaponized use of ambient spaces. Which is to say, there’s a seductive sense of lull throughout much of this, but Powers dials it all right in at some choice moments. These include “Silly Zogg” and “Congratulations.” Find this at, and while you’re there, go ahead and do a deep dive on Powers’ other releases.

LET’S GROOVE: Athens music maker Terrell Bradshaw, aka Trexx The Tyrant, is currently riding high on his new single “Closer,” which is reported to be the first of a few planned singles from a potential upcoming album. Although clocking in at a relatively short two-and-a-half minutes long, this is like a classic 1970s R&B track that’s been run through a suite of modern production tools. It’s got the sweetest of lyrics set to a melody worthy of Earth, Wind & Fire. Find this on Spotify.

DO IT AGAIN: Multi-instrumentalist and producer Steven Ledbetter has released new music under his Floral Furs moniker for the first time in a while, although he did release a collaborative record with Los Angeles’ Contemporary Adult last year. This new track, “Karaoke,” turns and twists its way from a pleasant, if albeit non-hype inducing, semi-tropical melody and rhythm before turning into a lush, semi-psychedelic experience. A press release describes the track as “…a love ballad and an ode to the mystical power of karaoke,” and that may well be true, but since I can’t make out any of the lyrics at all, there’s no way to confirm this. That said, it turns out I didn’t need to actually understand any of this to enjoy it thoroughly. Chances seem good that other listeners will enjoy this as well. There’s a chance, I suppose, this might wind up over at, but I can tell you with confidence it’s on Spotify as we speak.

MAMA TRIED: In honor of Mother’s Day, The Hibbs Family Band released the single “(From) Fallin’ Down the Stairs,” in which the brothers Hibbs swap verses about “times [their] mom guided [them] through childhood.” She also just happens to play piano and mandolin in this legitimate family group. This track also features Tyler Key (pedal steel) and Ryan Moore (drums). As one might expect, this latest entry into the family’s canon is a traditional-feeling mix of Americana, country and old time. Member Rob Hibbs reports this is the lead single from the group’s upcoming full length Two Mules. Listen in over at

THAT’S WHAT YOU GET FOR WAITING: Futurebirds’ show this week with Heffner happens Saturday, May 14. However, if you’re not among the group that clearly planned ahead for this and already laid down the required 30 bucks for entry, you’re out of luck. This show is now sold out. Please check the calendar of events in this week’s—and every week’s—Flagpole for alternate ways to spend this night.

WRITE THIS DOWN: Athens songwriter and personality Fester Hagood is now hosting Fester Hagood’s Mojo Confessional at Arnoldsville venue No. 3 Railroad Street as a tribute to the late “Mojo” Mark Wilmot. These are planned to happen the second Sunday of each month; the first instance was this past Sunday with Wilmot’s band The Redstone Ramblers. Hagood reports that, “This monthly concert series will be filled with stories, original tunes, and pickin’ from the finest musicians from around the state.” Sounds good to me! For more information and to check out other events, please see