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Bloodkin’s Black Market Tango, And More Music News and Gossip

Bloodkin. Credit: Flournoy Holmes

RIFFS AHOY: Jock Gang, which only just recently poked its head above water for the first time in a long time, will return to the live stage Tuesday, Apr. 20 at 8 p.m. The band will be opening for the supremely tuneful and generally compelling Telemarket. The show happens on the outside stage—also known as the Iron Factory stage—at the Flicker Theatre & Bar. Potential attendees have been kindly asked to wear masks at this event. Jock Gang released its clear-the-decks collection of old tunes Delayed Release Capsule in February. Plug yr headphones in and get up to speed at and

HALF WAY ‘ROUND: The new album from Semicircle, Changing Phase of Truth, is its first release since 2015 and comes courtesy of Joyful Noise Recordings and its Gray Area Cassette Series. The series is a subscription service, but these releases are also available independently, albeit in limited numbers. And because it’s also the 21st century, you can find this on Spotify as well. The band continues to be artistically driven by project founder Andrew McFarland (Reptar, Neighbor Lady, Coco Rico), but he’s joined on the album by Jack Blauvelt and Payton Collier (both of Neighbor Lady), Jake Thomson (Breathers) and Gabe Seibel. The record was mixed by Jason Kingsland (Band of Horses, Washed Out, Belle and Sebastian). Although the album was recorded in 2019, it’s only just now seeing the light of day. Musically, it’s lush and particularly attuned to a dashing sense of style but far from overly ornate or aurally burdensome. Especially nice are “Splits Away,” “Little Birds” and opening track “Liminal Moments.” For more information please see and

WE’VE GOT TO GET OURSELVES TOGETHER: Also cutting a path back to the live stage, and celebrating its brand new album, is The Pink Stones, who we just covered in-depth last week. The group will be celebrating the release of Introducing…The Pink Stones at Southern Brewing Company on Thursday, Apr. 15 at 7 p.m. The show happens on the outdoor stage and is being promoted as a socially distant event. Joining them this night is the mighty T. Hardy Morris. For more information, please see and 

LET’S SIT DOWN: The last music we heard from Don Chambers was the spectacular Live at the Georgia Theatre album, which came out in February 2019. The news is in, though, that Chambers and his band will release their newest album, titled The Lowering, on June 25. So why am I cluttering your news with this way-out-in-the-future stuff? Because this is the first vinyl LP for the group, and pre-orders are being taken as we speak. This is a special pink vinyl version that’s limited to 100 copies. They’re $25, and you’ll have to wait for them to ship in late June, but there’s a smidge of instant gratification in that you’ll receive a digital download of the single “The Condition” immediately. Also, your vinyl purchase includes unlimited streaming on the Bandcamp app as well as a digital download. You can stream the single now, which I’d encourage you to do, and afterward consider how well Chambers has mapped humanity’s emotional landscape over the past nearly 30 years. Start considering, and pre-order if inclined, at 

TOLD YA THEY’D RISE: Bloodkin will release its first album in a decade Friday, Apr. 16. It’s titled Black Market Tango and is released courtesy of Cosmo Sex School Records. The band remains, of course, the songwriting partnership of childhood friends Daniel Hutchens and Eric Carter, and on this album, they’re joined by Aaron Phillips, Jon Mills and John Neff. Jay Gonzales and Atlanta’s Ansley Stewart appear as guests on “John Coltrane In Nagasaki.” After all these years, and honestly several years before now, Bloodkin has reached that rarified status of only sounding like themselves. In this respect, they share an autological connection with artists as diverse as The Band, Warren Zevon, Neil Young and others. For more information, please see and