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Ice Cream Larry’s Instrumental Rock, And More Music News and Gossip

I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM: I don’t even care that they took their name from a children’s book because, at least for this week, not a single band/project in Athens is going to have a better name than Ice Cream Larry. These dudes just released an all-instrumental collection of six tracks named New Dad is on the Roof, Long Live New Dad. All in all, it’s a decently rockin’ set with shades of Seam (“The Lincolnshire Poacher”) and Polvo (“Nix Rejection,” “Righteous Cowboy”), and the slightest slice of October-era U2 (“Christian Stole A Service Animal”). The band notes that these tracks were all recorded remotely. They also say that if you download this set, you’ll get liner notes and “two activity pages so the whole family can enjoy the Ice Cream Larry experience.” I did not do this, but if you choose to, here’s to your enjoying the experience. Stream along at

GANG GANG: It’s been nearly four years since we heard any new music from Jock Gang, and it’s gonna be a little longer. That said, the group did release a five-song EP of older, unreleased (aka new to us) stuff last week named Delayed Release Capsule. These five tracks represent the group across a few years with slightly varying lineups, the only constants being Kimberly and Jared Collins. It’s unclear why these songs weren’t included on any other releases, because they’re just as good as anything Jock Gang ever did and hold up well as a stand-alone collection. Quite often, Jock Gang tunes operate via Coco Chanel’s dictum of looking in the mirror and taking one thing off before leaving the house. This is what makes songs like the supremely catchy “To Love” sound complete and confident, as well as lending thoughtful charm to the chime-only “OIOIOIO.” The first track here, titled “August 2017,” is a collapsing yet earworm-worthy cover of Japanese band Les Rallizes Dénudés’ song “Night of The Assassins,” which is constructed entirely atop the bassline of Little Peggy March’s 1963 hit “I Will Follow Him.” In other news, the band is now composed of the aforementioned Collinses plus Jared’s brother Joel, as well as Will Hefner of Athens band Hefner. With the new lineup wanting to clear the decks for new work, it is unlikely that any additional old material will be released. So head to to hear this and let ‘em know what you think at

SET A REMINDER: This is just a friendly heads up that Bandcamp, the platform upon which so many of these Athens records you read about here are hosted, is waiving its share of revenue again Friday, March 5. That means 100% of your purchase price that day goes to the artists. Bandcamp fees are already among the most reasonable around, but this sweetens the pot. Please note that the 24-hour period begins and ends at midnight Pacific Time.

ANOTHER JOJO OCCASION: While we were late on the uptake last week, there’s enough time left to mention that Widespread Panic’s JoJo Hermann has two shows remaining in his current incarnation of “Shut Up and Play” shows broadcast live from East Nashville’s The Purple Building. The live-streamed shows are free and will take place on consecutive Thursdays, Mar. 4 and 11. While there is no admission charge, donations are being accepted for the benefit of Nuçi’s Space. The streams will happen on Widespread Panic’s YouTube, Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as on The Purple Building’s Twitch channel at For more information, please see 

WANNA BUY A VOWEL?: The new of Montreal album I Feel Safe With You, Trash is out Mar. 5. Weighing in at a hefty 20 songs, it’s twice as long as last year’s UR Fun but was similarly produced, with founder Kevin Barnes handling all aspects of writing, performing, producing, mixing, etc. Among the tracks available pre-release are the shapeshifting and soul-punched “Fingerless GlOves” (stylized in the original) and meditative revolving door jammer “Kcrraannnggaanngg!!” (Yep, again, in the original). Find this and dig in at

LONG LEAD: The second single from the upcoming Pink Stones LP is out now. Named “Shiny Bone,” it’s a very slow-paced, extrospective look at the Pushmi-Pullyu nature of some relationships. It ends on a much darker note than anticipated, though, and I won’t ruin that for you. You can hear it at The band’s Normaltown Records debut, Introducing​.​.​. The Pink Stones comes out Friday, Apr. 9.