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REACH OUT: About once a year, I try to reach out to all those who think their news, event or whatever isn’t the kind of thing covered in this column and never get in touch, as well as those who don’t know the deadlines for Flagpole’s print edition. There are many wonderful, worthwhile things I can’t cover because I’m alerted to them too late. As a weekly publication, most of the material you find here is produced a full week before it’s published, which means I need your information no later than Monday before the week of publication. I’m eager to cover any and all musical events happening in Athens, especially those benefiting worthy causes. Non-traditional venues and organizers—churches, meeting halls, student groups, etc.—are more than welcome to pitch me ideas! The only stuff I’m not hype to cover are events specifically designed to promote a political or religious cause. That said, just because something has a political or religious affiliation doesn’t mean it’s off the table. But it better be pretty interesting and serve a level of public interest. Everything else with an Athens music connection is welcomed via If you miss the print deadline, you can send stuff to Music Editor Gabe Vodicka at; there’s a good chance we can get it covered online-style. This is a publication for the community, and even though I only write one column a week, I want everyone to feel welcome here. Of course, your stuff is still open to criticism, but I’m generally a big softy, especially when it comes to things I’m covering for the first time.

FOREVER YUNG: Athens rapper Yung Cuz, via his label NBlock Records, will host his birthday bash at the Caledonia Lounge Wednesday, Sept. 13. Several months of planning have gone into this, and the lineup reflects that. Featured artists include 3ft, We’re Weird, Travis “Dictator” West with Kxng Blanco, Ant Da Ripper, Mykell Scott, DK, Tru Thought, Rebel Lion, Big Homie Rich, Valley Girl D and others, with DJ Kuntry Boy spinning the whole night. Yung Cuz himself is picking up the entry fees for everyone over 21, so if you’re of age this show is free. If you’re 18–20, it’s gonna cost you a measly two bucks. Doors open at 9 p.m. For more information, see, and check out a whole bunch of music from Yung Cuz at

CAST AWAY: Blue Blood and T. Hardy Morris will play the Georgia Theatre rooftop Tuesday, Sept.  13, which is reason enough to head on up there. This night, though, they’re playing after a pretty neat thing called the F3T film tour downstairs. This event, presented by Blue Ridge Fly Fishing, is an annual tour of the United States and Canada, and the starring attraction is, of course, fly fishing. The tour runs a collection of excerpts from current and upcoming documentary films about the sport, and also features regional films. Doors open at 7 p.m. for the film tour, and tickets are $15 in advance. The rooftop concert is free, but I bet you an RC Cola full of peanuts that Blue Blood’s Hunter Morris, a professional fly fisherman and guide and owner of Fly Fishing North Georgia (, would really be happy if you sprung for the film tour, too. For more information, see and For tickets, head to, or just walk down the street to the box office and pick ’em up in person.

HEADS UP: As detailed here, mental-health advocate and activist Stephen Cramer will launch his Brain Aid Fest this week. This isn’t the first show done under this banner, but this is the first instance of a music marathon under this name. It’ll span a full four nights, with the first three at Flicker Theatre & Bar and Little Kings Shuffle Club and the final one at The World Famous. I’m not gonna break the whole lineup—which is huge!—down day by day, so you’ll need to head over to What I can do is tell you that 37 artists are playing, including Naoko Uno, Garrett Hatch, Donny Knottsville, The Fuzzlers, Los Cantares, Rev. Conner Tribble, African Soul, Murder the Mood, Davey Wrathgabar, Rat Babies, Forbidden Waves, Sea Wall (aka Christopher Without His Liver) and tons more. Brain Aid, Inc. was recently granted nonprofit status. Athens musician and artist Kimberly Sloan is Brain Aid’s creative director. Visit the above link for show times, prices and beneficiaries.