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Museum Mix Features E6 DJs; Georgia Conflict Center Benefit at Melting Point

Good Talk: A very special benefit show will happen in support of the Georgia Conflict Center Sunday, Oct. 19 at the Melting Point. It’s dubbed “Pickin’ for Peace” and will feature performances by family band Check the Signs and Michael Guthrie. It’s an all-ages event and free for children under 10; tickets for adults are $20 in advance and $15 for students. The Georgia Conflict Center operates under the credo “Conflict is inevitable, violence is not.” To this end, the center provides education on conflict resolution skills and aims to “reduce the levels of physical, emotional and verbal abuse” at home, school and the workplace. For more information, see and

You Got a Brand New Key: Monsoon is hosting a pretty neat event in support of an upcoming music video. The group, which has shed its upstart status but not yet been taken in by the easy-chair mentality of veteran status, is asking friends, fans, family, curious onlookers and people that just plain love rollerskating to come out to a skate night at Fun Galaxy (the former Skate-A-Round USA, for you old timers) at 3030 Cherokee Rd. Thursday, Oct. 16 from 5–8 p.m. Monsoon has teamed up with Athens-based Dominar, Ltd, and the cost of the group’s proposed video is around $500. The folks at Fun Galaxy have offered the group a full 50 percent of door receipts from this event if they bring in at least 25 people. But you know what? Twenty-five people will only net the group a mere $75. So what y’all should do is gather 166 people to strap on some skates—or at least show up and pay the meager $6 entry fee—so Monsoon can get this thing made.

Two for One: The Georgia Museum of Art will host another instance of its popular, thrice-yearly nighttime programming series Museum Mix Thursday, Oct. 16 from 8:30 p.m.–midnight. This edition is a live-action celebration of the current exhibition The…of E6, part of Athens Celebrates Elephant 6, the multi-venue chorus of cheers surrounding the Elephant 6 collective and its impact, both historical and continuing, on Athens music. The night will feature DJ sets from E6 musicians James Huggins III, John Fernandes, Dottie Alexander and Bryan Poole. Museum galleries are open during Museum Mix events, including the new exhibition “Boxers and Backbeats: Tomata du Plenty and the West Coast Punk Scene.” Mr. du Plenty (né David Xavier Harrigan) was the leader of stupendous Los Angeles band The Screamers, and this exhibition features works of his plus those of Raymond Pettibon, Winston Smith, Mark Vallen and Gary Panter. Look, Google is your friend if you’re lost on these names. Trust me, though: Anyone interested in the rise of graphic design as both an artistic peer and essential emotional component to the music and fashion of that culturally revolutionary scene will be very interested in this. See Art Notes for more.

One for You: It’s almost holiday shopping season, and you already know that when you’re out hustlin’ and bustlin,’ you’re gonna drop a bunch of bucks on your own self. So, to make it a little easier on you, here’s the scoop. Master record acquirer Kurt Wood is hosting another famous Front Porch Record Sale Saturday, Oct. 18 (9 a.m.–6 p.m.) and Sunday, Oct. 19 (noon–6 p.m.). As usual, he’ll have literally thousands of items, from 45 singles to LPs, and his prices start at a mere dollar. Of course, your mileage will vary, so take a few bucks. It all happens on—where else?—his front porch at 1080 Oconee St.

Stocking Stuffers: A new local cassette/digital label has emerged named Fall Break Records. Currently, the label features no Athens-based artists, but its overall aesthetic is so dang Athens it’s not even funny. They’re primarily focusing on jangle-pop, bedroom-psych, garage-rock, et al. Although there’s not much to go on yet, and the only two associated artists are the Canton, GA-based Attic Fowler and Dallas, TX-based Ardivan Walks, it’s clear the label is setting its sights squarely on sounds influenced by Flying Nun Records, Sarah Records, those early Camper Van Beethoven albums, etc. That stuff by Attic Fowler is a pretty darn nice slippery slope into late-1980s nostalgia, too, if you’re into that sort of thing. Anyway, welcome to the party, Fall Break. Here’s to everyone checking you out via and