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Don Chambers Gets ‘Romantic’; Eric Hernandez Benefit

Every now and then I think I’ll just dispense with these little introductions entirely. And I do, for a while. Sometimes weeks at a time. But then I realize that I kind of like waving and saying “hey” before we just jump right into things. Seems more polite that way. But now that we’ve gotten the niceties outta the way, let’s go back to where we were. Find this week’s scoop below…

Luck Of The Pluck: Things keep happening down on the Gypsy Farm, and the latest news concerns bluegrass duo Shoal Creek Stranglers. The band, composed of Zeke Sayer (The Humms) and Zeb Garrison, plays true-grit, old-time folk and bluegrass in a way that can only come from a true affection and kinship with the music. The next Athens gig is Thursday, May 23 at the Flicker Theatre & Bar. Immediately afterward, the band will hit Asheville and Augusta in a nice little arc of traveling. For more information, see and For all other Gypsy Farm Studio/Gypsy Farm Records information, continue to check out

Hat Tip: There’s a new collection of Don Chambers tracks available at The album, titled A Sudden Loss of Elevation, is initially seeing the light of day as a digital download only. Chambers describes the set as “solo, acoustic, diminutive, romantic, natural recordings—nothing too tricky” and adds that a few songs include guest appearances by Thayer Sarrano and Sanni Baumgaertner. Chambers celebrated the release of the album last week.

Correction: In my column published May 8, local musician Rebekah Rogers Coulter‘s name was misspelled. This was entirely my fault, and no blame should be placed anywhere else for this. Let’s work to get past this and let the healing process begin.

Beelze-Bones Brigade: The third annual Skatin’ vs. Satan show will happen at the Caledonia Lounge on Friday, May 24. The self-referential event, which casts participating punks and metalheads into appropriately graspable categories, will feature falsetto rockers Manger, the mayhem of Grim Pickins & the Bastard Congregation, perennial favorites Karbomb and Atlanta’s utterly tuneful Campaign. Significant this year is the fact that the event is a benefit for the Nichole Mikko-Causby Fund, which is raising funds to help its namesake continue battling an inoperable brain tumor. The show is all ages and will run you $5 if you’re over 21 and $7 if you’re under. For more information on the Nichole Mikko-Causby Fund and to donate money on your own, see

Cast Away: I promised I’d mention this again, so it’s time for me to keep bugging you about getting your votes in for the Flagpole Athens Music Awards. The deadline is May 31, and you can find your digital ballot at It’s a pretty streamlined process, and you’re free to choose from among our well-considered nominees in each category or write in your own. The 2013 Flagpole Athens Music Awards show takes place Thursday, June 20 at the Morton Theatre, and while I wouldn’t encourage you to hold your breath until then, you’ll probably feel much better if you just go ahead and vote and know you’ve done your part.

Walk Among Us: There’s a benefit for Athens musician and graphic artist Eric Hernandez on Friday, May 24 at Little Kings Shuffle Club. Hernandez is a founding member of Salsa-punks Los Meesfits, a founding partner of the late Athens PopFest and a solid presence in the Athens music scene for the last decade. He was diagnosed with diabetes last year and has incurred thousands of dollars in medical bills since that time due to medication and hospitalization. Bands throwing their talent behind the cause this night are his own Meesfits, bang-around garage rockers Cars Can Be Blue and the hard-rockin’ Incendiaries. There will also be a performance by the women of the Effie’s Club Follies burlesque troupe and comedy sets by Luke Fields, Mat Lewis and more. Word is Hernandez will get roasted this night, too. It’s a mere $5, and that’s pure chump change, folks, so give it up.

Take A Picture Here, Take A Souvenir : Fans picking up a copy of the 25th anniversary edition of R.E.M.‘s 1988 album Green at Wuxtry Records last week got a neat little treat in the form of an actual original copy of the Green tour program. If you find this accessory necessary—who wouldn’t?—you can try to run down there and get one, but store manager Mike Turner told me personally that they were going quickly and would most like be long gone by the time you read this. However, if you think about it, this means the market is now flooded with these things. So, tune your eagle’s eye, and happy hunting! If you want to read more and peep the goods, head to