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Kxng Blanco: LvrBoy 2 Review

(Independent) If the title LvrBoy gives you the impression you’re in for some sensually charged, turn-the-lights-down-low vibes, then you would be correct. LvrBoy 2 is a mature piece of work in content and production that demonstrates Kxng Blanco’s progression from his “King of the Youth” image, as seen in his 2018 debut album, Crown. With a total of 17 tracks, there are three short “skits” that sew together the album’s overall narrative of new, exhilarating love building to a consuming crescendo before taking a heartbreaking nose-dive. These highs and lows are accompanied by various smooth R&B tempo changes between songs. “I Need 2 Kno” stands out due to the beat’s added palpable texture of guitar strings, but at barely over two minutes, it leaves you wanting much more after hearing what Blanco is capable of here. Features from UntilNextTime add pleasant highlights to the album with their polished, classic sound that, much like the rest of the album, appeals to a variety of listeners. “Another Love Song” finishes the album nicely as the most radio-friendly track you would expect to hear bumpin’ around town.