Record Reviews

Deaf Condors: Sundown Radio EP

(Super Carnival Recordings) Written by guitarist and vocalist Bob Jesus Alvarez and drummer Darrick Alvarez, Sundown Radio is a four-song glimpse into the brothers’ perspectives as Peruvian-American immigrants. Reflecting a love for their ancestry and heritage—introduced by the cover’s illustration that pays homage to Inti, the ancient Incan sun god—the heavy rock album touches on the sacrifices made by migrant families, as well as the complex identities that develop from belonging to multiple cultures. Sung in Spanish, “Vamos” captures the grief of alienation and serves to encourage other immigrants to persevere—even if you can’t comprehend the lyrics, you’ll understand the emotion conveyed through the rawness of their delivery. Joined by Brian Morrison on bass and Grayson Hauser on lead guitar, “Third World Blues” breaches into desert rock territory with melodic, mid-tempo singing over heavily distorted jamming. After a minute-long intro, “Autumn Leaves” returns to this landscape of grooving, massive riffs. In comparison, the final title track ends with a more classic and anthemic sound, confronting the detention of migrant children at the border, cultural indoctrination and systemic inequality.