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Klypi: Consensual Hits Review

(Popnihil) If Klypi’s mischievous portrait donning a pickle bra and toast undies was not clear enough of a clue, Consensual Hits is an ambitious synth-pop album that, while downright Dada at times, is self-aware and deliberate with its various experiments. Though recently relocated back to Nashville, visual, performance and conceptual artist AC Carter made a notable impression on the Athens scene, particularly for launching Ad·verse Fest. Anyone following their creative career thus far will have hopefully caught on to a cast of personas: There’s the aspiring pop star Klypi, designer of bold garments Lambda Celsius and Vixcine Martine, an academic who fascinatingly breaks all of this down as part of Carter’s MFA thesis project at the Lamar Dodd School of Art. Tracks such as “You See Me” and “Not For You” are powerfully punchy queer pop anthems that show off Klypi’s songwriting abilities, while “Hardcoors Lite” and “Cum Quick Then Die” offer a glimpse into the tongue-in-cheek playfulness of their personality. Consensual Hits closes out with a string of highly accessible pop gems: the bittersweet farewell “Let You Go,” tough-as-nails self-love letter “I’m Fine” and the fragile yet hopeful question “Will It Be Today.”