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Sloping: Completed Songs Review

(Sound as Language)  Currently residing in Atlanta, JJ Posway made his mark on Athens as the lead songwriter of indie outfit Scooterbabe, as well as through his work supporting the music community over the years within his roles at WUOG 90.5 FM and Tiger Bomb Promo. Completed Songs, his debut album under the new moniker Sloping, was primarily written, performed and recorded on his own, with the exception of brief appearances by Scooterbabe bandmates Anna Staddon (vocals on “Treading”) and Zach Spires (drums on “Fir” and “Trail”). Introspective and quietly brooding, the songs are grounded by gentle, twangy, acoustic plucking. Subtle echoes, compounded with the inclusion of found sound samples such as the rainfall on “Nudge,” establish atmospheric chambers for intimate listening that feel direct and in-the-moment. Driven by a lyrical mixture of non sequiturs and confessional reflection, these tracks stand collectively as a melancholic rumination that circles among memory, reconciliation and atonement.