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Salsa Chest: Activity Review

(Quality Faucet Records) Nearly a decade in the making, performance-art duo Salsa Chest’s first official release, Activity, is an experimental synth-pop excursion that is equal parts joyful and absurdist. Members Addison Adams and William Kennedy (Reptar) create funky, summery songs with a variety of unusual synth voices and unpredictable rhythms. Adams graduated with a BFA from the Lamar Dodd School of Art several years ago and continues exhibiting drawings and paintings, while Kennedy designs and fabricates a variety of lighting installations for touring bands, music festivals and art events under the moniker “Freakylamps.” Given their backgrounds working in the arts, Salsa Chest—with its synchronized dance moves and interactive lighting—is a band best experienced live. That said, while sweaty house parties may currently be paused during the pandemic, Activity’s bouncy melodies perfectly lend themselves to be the soundtrack of a nice night of weirdo aerobics and solo bedroom dancing. Mixed and produced by Graham Ulicny, these songs are interesting and catchy enough to appeal to any age but playful and silly enough to resonate well with children.