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Seth Martin & The Dish Boys: Sending Out My Love Review

Seth Martin & The Dish Boys

(Independent) During a time when the majority of musicians are still limited in their ability to write or record together in person, it seems nearly miraculous that Seth Martin & The Dish Boys (formerly Georgia Dish Boys) could produce not one, not two, but three albums in under a year. First came Live in Classic Town in early February, a rowdy live show recorded by Sloan Simpson at Caledonia Lounge. Then came Suitcase of Life in June, a collection of songs creatively interrupted by auditory scenes—the revving of an engine, scanning of the radio, chattering of the audience between sets—to recreate the mundanities of life on the road. Recorded at Gypsy Farm on the stage of Shoal Creek Music Park, Sending Out My Love is yet again anchored by Martin’s idiosyncratic singing style: a yearning, warbling yowl that pushes and pulls listeners along through his lyrical storytelling. “Please Be Good To Each Other” and “Good To See You Again” carry particularly relevant messages during the pandemic, while the album’s gentle namesake track, softly punctuated with piano and pedal steel, champions nursing-home and other frontline workers and aims to envision a more equitable future.