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Shameless James: Calico EP Review

Calico EP by Shameless James
Shameless James

(Independent) Released Sept. 9, Shameless James’ debut EP, Calico, is a sonic six-track interpretation of its title: a patchwork of influences that span across Southern rock, alternative rock, jam and psychedelic rock. The band’s live sets are known to incorporate a handful of covers that range in genre, and the new EP similarly reflects the broad interests of guitarist Mackenzie Brown, bassist Zac Connely, keyboardist Zach Tellano and drummer Dallas Wiggins (who also created the EP’s cover art). With gravelly vocals and bursts of guitar work, “Death of Me” and “Pick Me Up” are perhaps the most classic “raise your bottle at the roadhouse” Southern rock songs, while the psychedelic melody “Supernova” changes direction significantly for a heady exploration of surrender at the end of the world.