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Immaterial Possession: Immaterial Possession Review

Immaterial Possession
Immaterial Possession Immaterial Possession

(Cloud Recordings) Knowing that musicians Cooper Holmes, Madeline Polites and Jeremy Kiran Fernandes share a parallel pursuit in surreal theater and performance art, it feels only natural that their songs, crafted alongside drummer John Spiegel, are designed to fully engage the senses. Full of mystical narratives, the lyrical world-building provides rich visual descriptors, while the psychedelic pop melodies themselves seem to stretch and manipulate time, charming you into snaking along to and fro. Think of it as the auditory equivalent of hypnagogia, the transitional state of consciousness between wakefulness and sleep when fleeting memories and intentions are reaffirmed over slippery, kaleidoscopic visuals that flutter into focus before disappearing into the ether. The recordings feel both folkloric and present-day, unlikely to have materialized out of the same shared reality as the rest of us, but instead gracefully visiting from the astral realm.