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We Versus The Shark: Goodbye Guitar Review

We Versus The Shark

(Ernest Jenning Record Co.) After over a decade, We Versus the Shark made a full-force comeback with their latest album, Goodbye Guitar, released on June 19. This record holds the kind of songs that provide the best live shows, so while I’m doing odd body movements within the confines of my bedroom to the musical thrashing, I’m envisioning how energetic the crowd would have to be. Goodbye Guitar is an intriguing listen, to say the least. Each track stands on its own, exhibiting great versatility and offering up no prediction for what follows. The album starts strong and ends even stronger with the last two songs that blend together. The fast ride to a slow melt makes “The Invincible Hand” a personal favorite, and after a seamless transition, the pace is picked up in “Crème Brûlée,” ending the album in a humorous celebratory affair about the dessert. Goodbye Guitar is a fun one packed with adrenaline, intensity and surprises.