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Grass Giraffes: Transportation EP


Grass Giraffes has quickly risen to the top of the Athens music scene, due in part to its intense live performances. With Transportation, the band has decided to allow some of its more experimental and psychedelic tendencies to come through.

The five-song recording is filled with some of the most driving and anthemic guitar-rock since the early ’90s, but it’s also laced with elements of ’60s psych-pop and shoegaze atmospherics. It opens with the one-two punch of “Backstories” and “Better Alone.” Both start off slow, with infectious guitar riffs building up to an anthemic conclusion.

Pay attention to the background, where layers of atmospherics add depth to the songs. The already psychedelic vibe of “On a Subway” is increased by the dreamy, effects-laden vocals. Transportation manages to show that there’s still some inventive music being made by guitar-centric bands.