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If you couldn’t tell from its moniker and this limited EP’s title, Savagist is a brilliantly burly act looking to shred the illusionary veils doggedly masking much of humanity’s sight. The opening narration paints an extremely foul picture: “…We live in a cesspool, a septic tank, a gigantic sewage complex in which runs the dregs, the filth, the misery-laden slop, the race of man, his hatred, his prejudices, his passions and his violence, and the keeper of this sewer… man.†The moment the sound bite ends vocalist/guitarist, Clem Adams, bellows “Re… demption! For the voiceless!†inciting and igniting drummer Jason “Mohawk†Richardson, guitarist Patrick Ware and bassist/vocalist, Steve Miller (on this recording) to instant conflagration. From there, with fetters removed, Savagist ratchets the intensity higher, belligerently pummeling the listener into unceremonious submission over the next 20-odd minutes.

There exists a primitive appeal to Savagist’s confrontational, self-described “Ruff Rock†sound, yet do not be deceived, because they employ more weapons than stick and stone. The five compositions comprising Domestic… feature tight, angular riffing, multiple tempo shifts and layers of complexity with the alliterative “Fire from Friction,†a true epic in every regard, nothing short of masterful. Couple this with the bleak, yet erudite lyrical themes, and Savagist offers willing listeners much to gnaw upon. Naked and raw, Savagist’s amalgamation of extreme styles and obvious technical prowess make for an equally demanding and engaging listening experience.


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