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Blue Flashing Light

The new Blue Flashing Light EP, The Mayor of Five Points, has been sitting in my car stereo for about two weeks now. In that time it has continuously moved from the stereo to the floor and then back to the stereo and then again back to the floor. After fighting the desire to toss the album away completely, I sat down and listened to it and I realized why I couldn’t seem to get past track two. I couldn’t help noticing the similarity between Blue Flashing Light and the music I listened to when I was 13. The entire album reminds me of a time when I would listen to anything that came on the “alternative rock” radio station. And while this radio station did prompt me to buy The Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers, it also prompted me to buy a Creed album and numerous others that I will not mention.

After listening to the first song, “Tangled Up in You,” you can pretty much guess what the rest of the album is going to sound like. The first minute or so is dedicated to showcasing Ian Schwarber’s nicely produced (but emotionally scripted) voice, which crescendos into fast-paced noise. And with every song, there is no particular melody or rhythm that stands out to make a good or even decent song. The Mayor of Five Points unfortunately lacks anything new or unique, and while the production is well done, it seems wasted on the poor music.

The Mayor of Five Points might make its way onto some radio station and into the CD case of a teenager with too much money and too little taste, but it’s still a knock-off of any corny pop band’s music, masquerading as “indie rock.”