Athens GA Live Music Recap: Poncili Creación, Cardiel, Nihilist Cheerleader, The Rishis and More

Nihilist Cheerleader

With Gregory Frederick behind the camera, Athens GA Live Music seeks to document local and touring bands gracing stages across the Classic City. Explore the whole archive and subscribe to the channel here. Get up to speed with recent performances below, and remember to check Flagpole‘s music calendar each week to find out about upcoming shows. hosted a special night with Wet Meadows and Puerto Rican puppetry and art collective Poncili Creación on Tuesday, Feb. 21. Immaterial Possession improvised a soundtrack for the performance.

Later that night, we caught new local punk band Beer Piss and Mexico City duo Cardiel at Flicker Theatre & Bar.

Returning to Flicker on Thursday, Feb. 23, we caught Basically Nancy (Savannah), Tits Dick Ass (New York) and Nihilist Cheerleader.

Sleazy Cheetah (Atlanta), Wyld Staleyz and Rosie & The Ratdogs performed at Southern Brewing Co. on Friday, Feb. 24 as part of Aubrey Entertainment’s RPM Series.

On Saturday, Feb. 25, The Rishis and Telemarket played a birthday party.

That evening at Tif Sigfrids, John Fernandes, Laura Camacho and Davy Gibbs performed as a trio during an opening reception for a new art exhibition.

Later on at Ciné, Nix the Scientist and SLINK played.

And at Hendershot’s that night, Shane Parish and Katherine Young & Jacob Wick took the stage.