Flagpole Premieres: BYV_Trubb, “Mosh Pit”

Today, Athens/Atlanta hip-hop punk rocker Brandon Garrett, who goes by the moniker BYV_Trubb, shares a new music video alongside the premiere of his single “Mosh Pit.” Featured on this track is his Hollowbody bandmate Garrett Boyd, AKA Goodie.

“Me, Goodie and [artist] Blesstheplaya stay together at our spot we call, ‘Cappa Fi Big Steppa’ AKA The Black Frat. So once Goodie heard the song I was making, he came right in my room and said, ‘Aye, I got some for that.’ That’s how we do,” says BYV_Trubb.

As a solo artist, there is a close-knit group of fellow artists that make regular appearances on tracks and on stage with BYV_Trubb. But whether this is a first-listen or you’re familiar with the artist, it’s clear that he has an unmistakable brand that marks his music and fashion. However, he also explains that what appears to be a highly curated image is simply him portraying his most authentic self through artistic expression.

“This song speaks to me as the artist I am today in so many ways. It also speaks to the artist that’s been inside of me. From the style to the term ‘mosh’ or ‘mosh pit,’ or even the clothes everyone is wearing. I styled and designed everything everyone has on in this music video,” says BYV_Trubb. “As I grow and change as a person, so does this brand. It makes it the easiest thing to do because I wake up and do me.”

From the music video’s first frame, there’s a gritty overlay that sets the tone. The viewer is immediately pulled into a party in an indoor skatepark that feels exclusive. And as BYV_Trubb stated, most everyone taking part in the video is dressed similarly or wearing his fashion brand, BYV_TrubbRockstarJackets.

“BYV/BYVFOREVER is a brand that’s here to stay forever. So just like anything else that lives on the Earth, it has to constantly evolve. As do we as people,” he says. “Music, rap, punk , folk, fashion, late nights, early mornings, spikes, studs, chains, grunge, hood, up cycle, poverty, middle class: It’s all a part of me. My slogan for my brand BYV_TrubbRockstarJackets is ‘I make my clothes, my clothes don’t make me.’”

Although this is a standalone single, BYV_Trubb is currently working on an album to be released later this year. Until then, keep up with BYV_Trubb on Instagram.