Flagpole Premieres: Jet Engine Dragons, “The Adversary” Video

Today, Athens progressive death metal act Jet Engine Dragons shares a new music video for “The Adversary,” one of two tracks that appear on this past November’s release Shell of Reverie. Envisioned as a reintroduction to the band and a teaser of what’s to come, the EP serves as the first batch of new material following 2017’s full-length debut album Ashes of Anthemusa.

“This song was re-recorded to help match up to the energy of our live set, so it’s a bit faster than the original,” says band member Corey Flowers, who also engineered and mixed the track. Actually, it’s faster, tighter, meaner and somehow even more jaw-droppingly technical than the previous version, demonstrating just how much the band’s abilities have sharpened over the past few years to create a fuller, more complex sound.

“After our first album, I moved to Europe for roughly an academic year—not the best way to promote a new album—but during that time we got in touch with John Cooper and arranged a video audition,” says Flowers. “He wrote a solo for this song and sent it to us, and when I got back to town in mid-2018 we started rehearsing with him as a new fifth member.”

The band’s current lineup now includes Flowers (guitar, vocals), Cooper (guitar), Jonathan Lane (vocals, keyboard), Michael Rivero (bass) and Ross Hardin (drums). Directed and edited by Allie O’Neill, “The Adversary” music video is the band’s first one together as a group.

Shell of Reverie sets the stage for more new material that will hopefully arrive later this year. Until then, keep up with Jet Engine Dragons on Instagram and Facebook.