Flagpole Premieres: Exit Row, “Cruel”

Exit Row

Exit Row began during the pandemic as a solo project for Hampton Campbell, who had previously focused on instrumental music but began singing more in his new spare time. After sharing some demos with his friends Brennan Murphy (Nuclear Tourism) and Will Morris (Needle Teeth), the two joined in on drums and bass, respectively. Campbell met Murphy through participating in Camp Amped at Nuçi’s Space, and met Morris after dropping out of Berklee School of Music and relocating back to Athens. 

Debuting today, “Cruel” was recorded and mixed by Ian Hemerlein and mastered by Jesse Mangum at Glow Recording Studio. Despite its heavy title, the song brightly bops along with a dancey, garage rock flair. 

“The song’s theme is about human cruelty,” says Campbell. “How awful people can treat each other. The lyrics came to me in a few dreams I was having around the time of the band starting. I got some help from my poet friend Vincent Houp, and he gave me really good ideas and hooks.”

Hear those hooks for yourself below!