Linda Phillips, Founder of Nuçi’s Space, Has Died

Photo by Mike White.

Linda Phillips, founder of Nuçi’s Space, passed away on the evening of Jan. 27 following a year-long battle with pancreatic cancer. An incomparable leader who advocated for mental illness awareness and treatment reform, she has impacted—and saved—the lives of countless individuals in the local creative community. Grieving the loss of her 22-year-old son Nuçi, who killed himself after suffering from severe depression, Linda opened Nuçi’s Space in 2000. With a focus on taking care of Nuçi’s fellow musicians, the resource center has spent the past two decades dedicated to preventing suicide, eliminating the stigma of brain illnesses and providing obstacle-free treatment for those in need.

Read the announcement below from Bob Sleppy, Executive Director of Nuçi’s Space.