Dream Tent Drops Debut Single and Video

Photo by Erica Strout

Dream Tent, Gene Woolfolk’s reflective synthpop foil to his louder post-punk band Vincas, releases its first official digital single today. “F*ck This Up” is a reflection on—for lack of a more couth term—fucking up. It creates space to reconcile trauma in an effort to break patterns of unhealthy behavior, and takes its time moving through all of the messy emotions demanded along that path.

“The song touches on drug/alcohol addiction, angst, severe depression and unresolved childhood trauma,” says Woolfolk. “I feel like I’ve spent most of my life not focusing on the positives, and instead dwelling in negativity and turning to substance to cope with the past. It all ends up being self-sabotaging, it seems.” 

Released on Nov. 6 for Bandcamp Friday—an initiative through which the platform waives its shares of sales the first Friday of every month to better support musicians through the pandemic—the download purchase includes a bonus instrumental synthwave song, drum loops, samples and stems. Listeners can experiment (or dare I say f*ck up?) the track using their own DAW (Ableton, Logic, Pro Tools. etc.). 

“You can remix the song if you hate my mix, you can chop up the parts and build your own version, get inspired and make your own song, or do whatever the hell you want with it,” says Woolfolk. “I know a lot of people have more time on their hands these days, so I figured I could offer a new project to the general public to help pass the time.”

In addition to the single, Dream Tent is releasing a new music video filmed and edited by Erica Strout. Using the phrase “par for the course” as a launchpad, a lot of the footage was improvised and visually represents the practice of living in the moment.