Watch Blacknerdninja’s New Videos for “Home Alone” and “Sunshine Band” Off of R.H.H.L.W.P.

Blacknerdninja’s latest project, R.H.H.L.W.P. (Respect+Humanity+Honor+Loyalty+Warriors+Proudly), is an eight-track album that takes its core inspiration from the artist’s everyday experience as a Black man living in America. Released in late September, the project was recorded at Vega Studios by Clay Hinson, with the exception of opening track, “Prey,” which was recorded at Full Moon Studios by Jay Rodgers. The tracks “Home Alone” and “Sunshine Band,” for which Eugene Willis has created videos, lyrically reflect how his optimism and acts of self-preservation break through and rise above the complex social constructions surrounding him. 

“This pandemic has inspired me to get back to the basics and to take control of my art,” says Willis. “So many times, we as artists allow the fans to explain our art to us. I wanted to create a video with my wife and put a dragon in it. Why? Cause I like dragons and love my wife! This moment we are currently in has the creative juices flowing and I am optimizing every moment. I created a project that is the voice of a man who lives daily in this current climate. Knowing I am one out of million voices! #NERD”

Listen to R.H.H.L.W.P. in full below.