Pinky Doodle Poodle Take a Turn with an Acoustic Release

Pinky Doodle Poodle. Photo by Sean Dunn.

Pinky Doodle Poodle (PDP), a high-energy rock duo from Japan, released three acoustic songs today through Austin-based label Chicken Ranch Records. The release will include the brand new song “Samsara,” whose electric version will be released at a later date, as well as “Shaking” and “Please,” which are from past albums but with different arrangements.

“PDP is basically an electric band. We had no idea that we would release acoustic songs,” PDP said over email. “This COVID-19 situation made this.” 

The band relocated to Athens at the end of February and planned for a live tour, but plans were inevitably cancelled. The pair sought to use lock down to their benefit. After borrowing an acoustic guitar from Baxendale Guitar and percussion from local musician Eddie Gilkin, they began playing and recording at home—DIY style.

“I am struck with so many emotions when I listen to these songs, I can close my eyes and see such vivid imagery,” said Scott Baxendale, owner of Baxendale Guitar. 

The songs were produced entirely by PDP at the home of Dan Horowitz, bass guitarist of Five Eight, a long-running Athens classic. Since playing a gig with Five Eight back in 2017, they have kept in touch. After renewing their visas, PDP was looking for a place to stay in the U.S., and Horowitz offered up an extra room. 

“Dan Horowitz and Five Eight make our days. As a result, we are very happy to be in Athens, Georgia. It’s a very musical town, and there are many kind people,” PDP said.

Directed by PDP and edited by Mike Dickinson, a new music video for “Samsara” premiered earlier this month. The song, along with the acoustic versions of “Shaking” and “Please,” were mixed by Athens’ legendary producer John Keane, who has worked exclusively with R.E.M, Indigo Girls and Widespread Panic. 

The video features vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Yuria and multi-instrumentalist George in an element more calm than their typical frenzy—she sings piercingly, while he plays the acoustic guitar on weathered front porch steps. 

Below, watch the new video for “Samsara.”