Flagpole Premieres: Ryne Meadow, ‘Hot Air Balloon’ Video

Ryne Meadow.jpg

Ryne Meadow

A message of hope to anyone who feels silenced or otherwise debilitated from depression, local singer-songwriter Ryne Meadow’s sophomore album, There Are Clouds In The Sky, traverses experiences impacted by mental health issues and existential dread, ultimately arriving on the other side with a vulnerable, newfound resilience. His new video for the track “Hot Air Balloon” was filmed in the same cozy bedroom where his album was written and self-produced. Chloe Tyler contributes colorful, abstracted projections that speak to how memory and fantasy can both be utilized as tools for personal reflection and growth. 

Below, watch Ryne Meadow bare it all. 

“While creating the video for ‘Hot Air Balloon,’ I wanted to emphasize a specific dichotomy: an isolated writer with his back turned to the world vs. an overcomer boldly telling his story,’ says Ryne. “Only one thing connected these two opposites: the music that lit the way to recovery.”