Flagpole Premieres: Listen to Dream Tent’s New EP, ‘Songs From the Quarantine Tent Vol. 1’

Dream Tent began as a bedroom recording project after Gene Woolfolk (Vincas, Powder Room) and Erica Strout (Motherfucker) moved into their current home back in August. Woolfolk, who had been interested in starting a shoegaze band for quite awhile, recruited Strout, Tim Payne (Vincas) and Austin Harris (Grand Vapids) to form a live band, which will be accompanied by backing tracks created through Ableton to properly recreate the project’s sonically layered nature. Woolfolk initially planned on only releasing a single today, but after this hellacious week—which has left him and Strout temporarily unemployed and left home alone to jam for the time being—he managed to crank out an entire EP called Songs From the Quarantine Tent Vol. 1. Drawing influences from My Bloody Valentine, Depeche Mode, Slowdive, Drab Majesty and The Cure, these songs are gentle but prickly, melodic but occasionally jarring. If you only have the attention span for one track, I recommend “In the Shadows.”


Gene Woolfolk and Erica Strout

Additionally, Strout and Woolfolk posted a cover of Tears for Fears’ “Head Over Heels” at midnight last night in celebration of their three-year anniversary. Their rendition is unsurprisingly a bit fuzzier and harsher—this is Strout and Woolfolk we’re talking about after all—but Strout’s bright vocals really shine here, and the track is just as much of an ear worm as the original.

Dream Tent’s first show is scheduled with Maserati (!!) on Friday, Apr. 17 at Caledonia. Of course, we are currently in an ever-evolving situation, but fingers are crossed that everything stays on track and we return to normalcy soon.