Flagpole Premieres: CannonandtheBoxes, ‘November 22nd’ Video

Fronted by Rome transplant Cannon Rogers, Athens band CannonandtheBoxes makes melody-centered acoustic music designed to ignite and uplift. Centered on Rogers’ velvety singing voice, the group follows in the folky footsteps of local faves Family and Friends on tracks like “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,” released earlier this year.

That song came bundled with a more stripped-down A-side, “November 22nd,” whose accompanying music video we’re pleased to premiere today. The clip was created in conjunction with students from UGA’s Department of Entertainment and Media Studies.

Rogers says:

‘November 22nd’ is a song that grew out of conversations with my grandad, and the idea that there are these culturally significant moments that each generation experiences and that shape who we are… It took us as a band a really long time to find the right fit for this song sonically, but the trumpet my friend Matthew Burn added was definitely the glue we needed, and his arrangements are amazing. 

Check it out below: