Flagpole Premieres: Brendan Abernathy, ‘3 Blocks Down the Road’

Athens singer-songwriter Brendan Abernathy spent three years in the local rock band Light Brigade before setting out on his own as a singer-songwriter, using loop-based techniques to add live layers to his rich, melodic confessionals. For the past few months, Abernathy has been on a house show tour of the U.S., and he’ll finish up the current run with a show at the 40 Watt Club on Nov. 19.

Today, we’re pleased to premiere his new single, “3 Blocks Down the Road,” a rousing slice of acoustic folk. The final entry in Abernathy’s Hope You Have project, the tune “encapsulates the mood and message of the entire work, beginning in rejection and battling through simultaneous voices of worthlessness and pride, exploring possible places where we find hope during life transition,” says the songwriter.

“For me, there are those songs you listen to when you want to wallow in sadness, and there are songs you listen to when you want to come out of it,” he adds. “‘3 Blocks’ navigates in between those spaces and brings me hope.”

Check it out below: