Flagpole Premieres: Fairburn Royals, ‘Number 5 Radio’ Video

A player in Athens’ early-aughts melodic-indie-rock scene that centered on bygone venues like Tasty World and spawned fondly remembered acts like The Pendletons and The Eskimos, Fairburn Royals released three albums on Atlanta’s Two Sheds Music before calling it quits in 2005. In 2016, singer Matt Lisle returned to Georgia, and the band was reborn.

Two years after their reformation, Fairburn Royals have released a fourth LP, ‘Til the Sun Disappeared, which the group will celebrate with a show at Flicker on July 7. 

Today, we’re happy to premiere the video for “Number 5 Radio,” the new album’s lively opening track, which recalls power-pop greats like Guided by Voices and is as fine an intro to the band’s unlikely comeback as any. 

“I have a running joke with my wife that there are five simple rules that one must follow to write a catchy pop song,” Lisle tells Flagpole. “So, I decided to write a song about the five rules—using the five rules. I may not be using the phrase ‘let the beat drop’ correctly, but hopefully you get the idea.”

Of the video, Lisle adds, “It really doesn’t relate to the subject matter of the song at all, but the timing works well. Obviously shot on an iPhone by an unskilled cinematographer.”

Check out the clip below:

Fairburn Royals play Flicker Theatre & Bar on Saturday, July 7.