Flagpole Premieres: Liberator and Will Ingram Cover Daniel Johnston’s ‘Sorry Entertainer’

Inspired in part by the Postmodern Jukebox project, local hard-rock trio Liberator has launched a series of videos dubbed Liberator Presents, in which the band teams with other members of the Athens music community to cover classics and deep cuts from their favorite artists.

The series kicked off a few months ago, when Liberator invited Monsoon’s Sienna Chandler to collaborate on a cover of The Sonics’ “The Witch.” Today, we’re happy to premiere the second installment: a take on Daniel Johnston’s “Sorry Entertainer,” featuring guitarist Will Ingram, known for fronting indie rockers Wieuca.

“Will and I are both big Daniel Johnston fans,” Liberator’s Owen Hunt explains. “It was disappointing to miss him at Popfest—hopefully he’ll come back. His lyrics are incredibly prolific, and we wanted to package the song in a way that could carry the weight of them.”

Check out the video, shot by Trevor Lampe and edited by LiveSyphon’s James Preston:

Hunt says the series will continue. “Being an artist in Athens can seem fruitless at times, but to work with folks who are genuine and want to collaborate makes the creative process instantly gratifying,” he says. “This town is full of gifted musicians, and we really think that should get more attention.”

Liberator plays the Caledonia Lounge this Thursday, Feb. 2.