Brandi Carlile Cancels Tour Dates, Including Georgia Theatre Show

Americana mainstay Brandi Carlile has canceled a run of tour dates next month in order to undergo a surgical procedure to address endometriosis-related back and pelvis problems. Among the shows that got the axe was her Sept. 8 appearance at the Georgia Theatre.

Carlile announced the cancellations on Facebook, where she posted a note thanking fans for their patience and support. The note also included the following message:

I want to share with you one defining lesson I’ve learned from this – we live in a part of the world where we have (evolving) access to health care and specifically women’s reproductive health when a devastating number of women in impoverished countries are still dying from very curable and preventable reproductive issues. Let’s not skip our annual appointments or ignore our women’s health issues out of respect for that privilege and the women who don’t have it.

The Theatre posted an update on Facebook explaining that tickets will be refunded at point of purchase.