Flagpole Premieres: Louie Larceny, ‘White Money’ Video

Good news for fans of defunct local hip hop group Mad Axes: One of that act’s founding members, Louie Larceny, is gearing up to release White Love, a 12-track effort recorded, mixed and mastered by Joel Hatstat, this fall.

Earlier this week, Larceny posted the album’s moody, menacing first single, “White Money,” to his Bandcamp page. Today, Flagpole is pleased to premiere the song’s stylish video.

Says Larceny:

This video was shot, directed and edited by the god Jeff Reynolds in Donny Knottsville’s living room. Jeff Reynolds is a complete professional, he is super easy going, and does a great job! White Love is set for release in early fall of 2015. I’m waiting on a few pieces of art, then I will make a short run of CDs and post the thing on Bandcamp. “White Money” was produced by Jordan Scott from Gripe with additional production by Joel Hatstat and me, Louie Larceny.

Larceny adds: “This is a love song about the end of times and the controllers of this world.”

With all that in mind, check out the “White Money” video below: