On the Rise: Hear the New EP from Waitress

If there’s a general trend to speak of happening now in Athens music, it’s a move towards the raucous, propulsive, atonal guitar music of mid-’90s Dischord, Touch and Go and their ilk. Bands like Pinecones and The Powder Room have done their part to remind us that rock’s not dead, man, and now comes yet another no-nonsense local group eager to get your lazy ass back in the pit.

Waitress, a new four-piece consisting of members of Antpile and Family and Friends, has just offered up their debut recording to the Internet. The Peaked in High School EP, recorded with in-demand engineer Jesse Mangum, touches on some obvious influences—At the Drive-In, Fugazi, Drive Like Jehu—but is imbued with a sense of purity that comes, perhaps, from none of the group’s members being old enough to have ever seen any of those bands live.

Stream the highly recommended EP below:


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