New Earth Announces New Management

Daniel Robertson, formerly of Savannah-based promotions company Live Wire Sounds, will assume the role of general manager at downtown music venue and community space New Earth Athens, the venue announced on its Facebook page this week.

In addition, Robertson’s brother, Brenden Robertson, will take over as production manager and “sound guru,” and UGA Music Business graduate Danielle Sudderth, who also works at local booking agency Nimbleslick, will step in to run the venue’s promotions department.

[Editor’s note: While Sudderth is employed by Nimbleslick, a representative of the company emailed Flagpole to clarify it is not a PR agency and is not involved in the New Earth project.]

Longtime New Earth associates Drew Meyer and Matt Wooley are moving on, according to the posting:

Drew is the proud father of an amazing child named Grayson and working on the Stuffed Burger Restaurant full time. Matt is pursuing music and a new company in California near San Francisco. Big Love and Much Respect to you both for your hard work and dedication. It was a wild ride and one we will never forget or take for granted.

The announcement follows drama earlier this year between the venue and its landlord, Athens real estate agent Mark Bell. The disagreement has been settled, says Bell, who adds that the club is “on track to buy” the building at 227 W. Dougherty St.