AthFest Compilation Tracklist Announced

The lineup and tracklist for the 2014 AthFest compilation album, which we previously reported will be pressed to vinyl for the first time in the history of the series, has been set, and Flagpole‘s got the scoop.

Given the obvious space restrictions of a vinyl record, it makes sense that the tracklist is down to 10 from last year’s 16; perhaps more surprising is that this year’s edition—designed, per the press release, as a “cohesive rock collection”—is nearly devoid of AthFest-exclusive cuts.

Still, it’s an undoubtedly solid list of songs. Along with cuts from New Madrid, Ruby the RabbitFoot, Family and Friends, Faster Circuits, Shade, Elf Power, Cicada Rhythm, Ghost Owl and Nicholas Mallis, the comp features “Rock Solid,” a tune from Drive-By Truckers’ recent digital-only Dragon Pants EP (a companion to the band’s most recent full-length, English Oceans).

The album will officially be released Tuesday, June 17 via Ghostmeat, the local label that is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Online pre-sales start Apr. 15 at the AthFest site. Proceeds benefit the festival’s parent nonprofit, AthFest Educates.

Tracklist below:


1. New Madrid: “Forest Gum”
2. Ruby the Rabbitfoot: “Ways”
3. Family and Friends: “Rust and Bone”
4. Faster Circuits: “Relative Obscurity”
5. Elf Power: “Lift the Shell”


1. Drive-By Truckers: “Rock Solid”
2. Cicada Rhythm: “Meredith”
3. Nicholas Mallis: “Why Do You Light The Candles?”
4. Shade: “Know Your Sine”
5. Ghost Owl: “Eleven”


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