Flagpole Premieres! Party Dolls: ‘I Am Not the One You Love’

Party Dolls, an Athens/Atlanta pop-rock ensemble led by The District Attorneys‘ Drew Beskin and also featuring area notables Tedo Stone, Jeremy Wheatley, Walker Beard and Frank Keith IV, is gearing up to release its debut LP, Love Wars Baby. The album is filled with what Beskin calls “dark, honest, therapeutic and true” songwriting, personal tales of triumph and loss.

The record, engineered by Keith at his home studio, is out Feb. 14 via This Is American Music, but you can get a sneak peek by streaming one of its tracks, the plaintive “I Am Not the One You Love,” below.

Says Beskin:

“I Am Not the One You Love” is probably the shortest song I’ve written, but there’s a lot packed in as far as folk songs go. It’s a little over two minutes, and took a little over five minutes to write. I remember wanting to write a country ballad and have a song that left no questions as to what it was about, which is something that’s very hard for me to do.