Peter Buck On Life After R.E.M.

It seemed like everything occurred at once. I remember I felt really sorry for myself for a day or two, and then I thought, well, this is bullshit. I have got a million friends; if I was broke I could just call them and stay on their couches for 10 years. I still have whatever ability I had, which isn’t a lot. I’ve got great family, great friends. You know, I don’t have to work for a reason; there’s no need.

I love those songs. But I never want to play “Losing My Religion” again. “Man on the Moon,” it’s a great song. But it’s five minutes long and I’ve played it a couple thousand times.

—From a very long Salon interview with Peter Buck, which the former R.E.M. guitarist (playing the 40 Watt on Thursday, Nov. 14) hints will be his last interaction with the media.


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