This Belle and Sebastian Video Was Filmed in Athens in 1998

During a chat last week with Elf Power frontman Andrew Rieger (look for that Q&A online and in the paper tomorrow), the subject of the upcoming Neutral Milk Hotel tour came up. It led to a mention of filmmaker/Jackass collaborator Lance Bangs, an E6 pal who shot the now-famous Live at Jittery Joe’s performance, which in turn prompted an offhand recollection from Rieger of a largely forgotten Belle and Sebastian music video that Bangs shot in Athens around the same time.

Thank God for the Internet. Above, watch that video, for the Boy With the Arab Strap tune “Dirty Dream #2,” and revel in the sunlit, forever-young glory that was—and, despite steady townie hang-wringing over things like politics, preservation and big box stores, still very much is—Athens.