Black Nerd Rocks the Hot Corner

The Hot Corner was hopping on Saturday as, at the festival’s peak, hundreds of people packed onto Hull Street to  hear gospel, R&B, jazz and hip hop and feast on BBQ and soul food.

Your intrepid news editor took a break from politics to grab a rib sandwich from the Sorrells’ truck and check out some of the local rappers. The ninja-loving Black Nerd (pictured above) and LG were the highlight, followed closely by Jet Squad and the always entertaining Showtime, featuring Elite tha Showstoppa, the godfather of the Athens rap scene.

Elite pulled double duty, performing with Lowdive at the 35th annual Human Rights Festival on College Square earlier in the day. Unfortunately, that was a bit sadder affair, drawing only a few dozen people Saturday evening. Perhaps we can chalk it up to the fact that it was rained out several weeks ago and hastily rescheduled.

Send your photos of Hot Corner and the Human Rights Festival to and we’ll post ’em later today.