Full Lineup for the Human Rights Festival

The 35th Annual Athens Human Rights Festival kicks off Saturday in College Square, featuring the Beatles cover masters Abbey Road LIVE!, the Pink Floyd/Grateful Dead mashup Dark Side of the Dead and more bands, as well as political speakers like Gwen O’Looney, Tyrone Brooks and Ward Churchill. Here’s the full lineup.

UPDATE: According to the Human Rights Festival’s Facebook page, events have been cancelled for the rest of Saturday, May 4 due to inclement weather. As of now, the festival plans to continue on Sunday, May 5.

Saturday, May 4

10:00am – Athens Montessori Singers

10:45am – Story teller

11:00am – Like Totally!

11:30am – Girls with Guitars

12:30pm – Dancing Flowers for Peace

1:00pm – Festival Welcome
Between Naybors
Art Rosebaum

1:45pm – Athens Homeless Shelter (Shea Post)
Food Bank of NE Ga. (Tina Lassiter)
Project Safe (April Byrne)

2:30pm – J.D. Smith and Peace of Mind

3:00pm – Undocumented HS Students (Ian Altman)
UGA Undocumented Student Alliance
Warren McPherson
May Day (Lee Kiesig)

3:45pm – Odd Trio

4:15pm – Tyrone Brooks
Democratic Party of Ga. LGBT Caucus

4:30pm – Battle of the Bands Winner 1

5:00pm – Peace and Justice Coalition (Bob Goodman)
Health Care Now (Jack Bernard)
Green Party (Dan Everett)

5:30pm – Paul Lombard

6:00pm – Millard Farmer
Occupy Athens (Tim Denson)
Life (poet)

6:30pm – The Plague

7:00pm – Professor Gene Wilkes

7:10pm – Grim Pickins and the Bastard Congregation

7:40pm – Open Mic

7:50pm – Showtime/Low Dive

8:30pm – GLOBES/Gay Pride (Ricky Roberts)

8:45pm – Lacie and Glitter Cabaret

9:30pm – Abbey Road LIVE!

Sunday, May 5

2:00pm – Festival Welcome
Howard Sisters

2:30pm – The Rev. Rene DuBose
Athens Farmers Market (Todd Lister)
Women in Black (Beth Zorbanos)
Community Service Research Project
Single Parents (Brianna Nale and Shaquandra Cunningham)
Open Mic

3:15pm – Mr. Jordan & Mr. Tonks

3:45pm – Democratic Socialists of America
CASA de Amistad (Alex Borges)
Georgia Watch (Karla Johnson)
Georgia Conflict Center (John Lash)
Open Mic

4:15pm – Battle of the Bands Winner 2

4:45pm – Open Mic
AIDS Athens Occupy Athens (Tim Denson)

5:15pm – Tealvox

5:50pm – Athens Microcosms (Gwen O’Looney)

6:00pm – Rollin’ Home

6:45pm – Megan Pendleton

7:00pm – Shehehe

7:30pm – Ward Churchill

7:45pm – Jubee and The Morning After

8:30pm – Ed Tant

8:45pm – Dark Side of the Dead