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Flagpole Premieres: Bryant Perez, “Warning”

Creating primarily as a hip-hop artist who dabbles in the sounds of other genres, Bryant Perez debuts his first official metal track today with the cinematic music video “Warning.” Framing the 1:17 long track within a nearly four-minute zombie horror-themed video short, the result is an aesthetic-driven experience that feels made for each other.

Dipping into the metal genre is more of a homecoming than a broadening of horizons for Perez. It’s the genre he first performed live, and he was in a hardcore metal band over a decade ago that performed alongside bands such as Stray From the Path and Within the Ruins.

“After an over decade-long depression and inactivity I finally decided to get back into music. But I quickly found how hard it was to start a band from the ground up and also having to rely on a handful of other people. With that in mind I decided to go back to my first love—especially since it only requires myself to create and perform—hip hop. Then along the way I realized I can make metal all on my own. I’m mainly a bassist (instrument-wise), but realized I can work on other instruments and make it work. Thus this song came to be,” says Perez.

Filmed at a friend’s barbershop in Hoschton, with assistance from Perez’s green screen room at home, over 20 people were involved, including professional makeup artists—one of which was on the set of Guardians of the Galaxy 3. He says it was meaningful to him to shoot most of the video at a friend’s workplace and bring so many close friends together in one room. Despite the terror and chaos on the screen, it was all laughs and smiles behind the scenes.

Although hip hop is Perez’s primary focus, his goal is to eventually create music in every genre. It felt right to step back into metal first, says Perez, because it’s one of his favorite genres. However, it’s also a nod to people who doubted him and said that he’d never get back into music.

“They were in the metal scene, so I felt the need to create something short but powerful when I decided to get back into the scene. The music video is a reflection of how far I’ve come as a solo artist—having over 20 people involved in the project was a big deal to me. It all comes from the same place,” says Perez.

Formerly an Athens resident currently residing in Gainesville, Perez continues to strengthen his bonds to the local community as a member of JOKERJOKERtv. His next Athens performance is Aug. 3 at Flicker Theatre & Bar. To follow updates on his music and other projects, visit